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Assalamu Alaikum. Is the Holy Quran given to the bride as Dowry permissible in Islam??

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How you told that it is Dowry?? Dowry is that things which has been demanded from the boys side and girls side has to fulfil it in any way, otherwise boy will not marry the girl.

Those things which has been given by girl's father to boy with his own happiness without any force are not Dowry and is permissible In Islam. Don't you see Al-Quran is given separately to boy/girl and is not mixed with other items.....

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Actually no it is not. It should be money/wealth. Which is mentioned in Surat Al nisa - 24

If the man is poor. Then it could be something very simple. Even if it was a ring of just metal . Also mentioned from a hadeeth of our prophet.

And if he has no money at all. Then he teaches her Quran, a Surat , a hadeeth .. teaches her the Sunah. That's from Surat al nisa also. And Surat al baqarah.

Good luck.

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