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I have a mental health condition dating back over 10 years - it is Bipolar Affective Disorder. Recently, I have learned that I could have a Borderline Personality Disorder. I have read the whole of the Quran 3-4 times. I am having difficulty with coming to terms with Islam. I was praying, observing Ramadam, until a few months ago. Possibly due the damaging effects of my illness and many relapses in my mental health, I feel I could be lacking the ability to take on board the teachings of the Quran. I could start praying again, but feel I would only be giving the prayers lip service. Sometimes I feel I should start observing Islam again and , one day, everything might make senses, possibly when I have gotten better. What is your opinion ?

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Salaam... May Allah make you better inshAllah! My opinion would be that you start praying again... Never leave praying... It must be very hard with ur illness but try and do as much as you can... Then Allah will help you too... I know someone who is very ill and has days where he doesnt pray but he always prays as soon as he can... Never lose faith... Allah can see your hard work and will reward you inshAllah... Hope this helps... Tc

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Assalaamu alaikum. I also suffer from mental illness, schizoaffective disorder. @Bubbles123 is right, pray everyday, try as hard as you can, and Allah will see your effort and make it easier for you. If you feel you are only giving lip service to the prayers, remember to make dua as it is completely from your heart.

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