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Whether it's the Bible or the Qoran, I really can't wait for the next prophet to come and tell you all "nah... that's not the way it happened, let me tell you the true story". :P

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okay but just to let you know when you call somone a prophet when they trully arent its offensive maybe you didnt mean it like that but in our terms a prophet is somone who bings a message from God and by calling her one its like saying shes bringing down the message which is an authority we belive is extict after muhammad when i saw it it seemed like you were saying shes a prophet cause we just throw that word around to anyone

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so what made her a prophet

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not attacking thats not the right word but it just sounds like your making fun of the website

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what happened to coming to the website to discuss issues and questions this dosent sound like your starting a civilized conversation or asking any questions "This is a forum centered around Islamic studies so when I ask a question in regards to an answer given to me that is not me starting an argument. Clearly some of you have a problem with me doing that but no is discouraging from answering just because I have other questions. Myself and someone like Jenny has disagreed with a lot of things that were said on here but that doesn't mean we still don't want answers. I have seen debates from men like Shabir Ally on YouTube and in person and things get personal only behind the passion of their belief. Yet no name calling involved and there wasn't not any personal attacks made. AnwarX and I have. Een engaging in disagreements for a couple of days and that's as far as it went. No name calling or condemnation on his or my part. Just mutual disagreement about some subject matters. No one is trying to disband a dialogue just because there is a disagreement"

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There will be many false profits before the end, and they will decieve many. One of the decieved is running for President of the United States.

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