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asalamu alaykum when you are praying and the imam is reciting a long surah and you are already finish reading the surah you are reading you think about other stuff how can you prevent this

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Salaam... This use to happen to me a lot!! But Alhumdulilah i have overcome this... I just read books on the importance of prayer and listened to lectures on youtube and on tv about prayer... This helped me a lot... Hope it helps you too... Tc

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I can help you in this. What is happening to you is from the whispers of the shaitan. This happened to Othman bin abi al aas. He complained about it.

What you so when it happens is say : auzo billahi mina shaitan irajeem. And it will help.

Always remember your state of mind and body ans where you are praying and to who. It helps also.

If you still can't get rid of it. Then look slightly to your left and spit three times. Not spit saliva no. But a light misty spit. So that the guy next to u doesn't feel it or know it. And this was from the hadeeth between the prophet and Othman.

Btw. This shaitan is called Khanzab.

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