I am a 17yr old hindu girl in love with a muslim boy aged 26.He wants to marry me.Here in India legal age for marriage is 18yrs for a girl. But he don t want to wait anymore and says this age is ok in Islam. A moulavi also met me and said that there is no problem and they will arrange for nikkah.My lover also wants a baby as early as possible. What Islam says about age in marriage and like matters?

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Hey... A Muslim girl can get married once she has attained puberty... However, you said you are a Hindu right? A Muslim and Hindu cannot get married! If you are wishing to convert and have attained puberty then yes you can get married... Also, are your parents and his parents happy with both of your decisions? Tc

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thanks for your answer,my reply is given below,my lover's parents are glad to accept me. I want to become a good Muslim woman. I pray your advices.

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Then go ahead and join the right path which is the only path that leads to Jannat(heaven).

You will find the greatness of this religion ISLAM when you started following it.



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Yes,I am attained puberty at 14yrs and I am ready to convert.My parents dont approve this relationship. But if I go with him I dont expect much protest from their side.

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Then we welcome you to the perfect religion...ISLAM...

***Islam Is Not About We Are Better Than You....

Islam Is All About ''Let Me Show You Something, That Is Better For You...."***

(Dec 24 '12 at 05:52) Irfan Alam ♦ Irfan%20Alam's gravatar image

You are welcome to islam.just meet an islamic scholar to get you converted because you cannot be converted by doing what muslims are doing but be converted by an iman or scholar.immediately you get converted you must not do what other religion is doing again because PROPHET MUHAMMAD Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said /Mantashaba biqawmin fahuwaminhu/ HE WHO COPY THE WAY OF OTHER RELIGION IS PART OF THEM.Once you get converted do not do what they do again.do not think if you are doing what islam ask us to do you are a muslim.no you must be converted to be a muslim.

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