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[12:35:51 AM] nasilele.mwenda: am a muslim woman aged 20,i come from africa,zambia to be in particular,i work in the military,my country sent me to china to study a logistics course for 11 months from august 2012 to july 2012(inshaa Allah).while in china,i happened to meet a muslim man,from an arabic country in the middle east who is also doing the same course with me.he introduced me to islam,and i became a muslim on 25 november 2012.when i told my parents about it,they thought he is my boyfriend and they are bitter about me changing to islam.i was given an islamic name and am a full muslim now.the only problem i have is,i need to learn more about islam but there are no women to teach me about it.i dont even go to the mosque because its always packed with men and no space for i have no option but to be taught by more than 10 muslim brothers i have here with big problem is,i wear hijab only when i remove my uniform because i cant wear it in country have threatened to fire me because of my new in the morning no hijab,after class i put it on.its not a good idea,i hate it myself but i have no option.i want to resign when i go back but my parents right now feel i have brought them shame by changing my religion so even if iam fired at work,maybe they may not take me to university.i cry always because i wish i was born in an islamic home,or an islamic country where someone can understand me.i dont know what to do because i have embraced islam and iam never going to leave it,never.i really need help.i dont know what to do because if am fired,i will bring shame upon my family.WHAT SHOULD I DO?PLEASE HELP.BUT I HAVE LEFT EVERYTHING IN ALLAH'S HANDS.

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I am sorry for your situation and I wish there was an easy way, but if you want an opinion, I would say don't resign. You are not doing anything wrong for following Islam. If they want to take action against you for that, that is their own issue, don't make it an issue by yourself. As far as your family, you know them better than anyone else. Only you can know the best action to take with them from now. May Allah guide you.

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