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I dunno why but I started to hate Islam , i was born a Muslim , but i don't feel like its the right thing for me, im not saying that its a false religion, im just saying I cant be muslim and be happy in the same time, for the record I pray all the Salawat (just saying).

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Im gonna keep this short. You are bieng decieved by the devil. Dont let him get into your mind the more you think about leaving islam the more you will regret it trust me if understood, islam is the best religion to believe say you cant be happy at the same time as bieng in islam but thats your fault you have to believe yourself to be happy in islam, try reading the Quran or namaaz it is a lot of relief trust me.-aqibA

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something happened to me yesterday, I feel so much better now, I don't know why the hell I was talking to all of you like that, I want to say I'm very sorry if I annoyed anyone, and Thanks for everyone who was very helpful. I was just angry from everything around me but something happened and Alhamdulilah I feel better now, if anyone can tell me how to delete this question because I don't want any one who's new to islam to see it

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You should be able to at the bottom left corner of your post. And I m glad to hear your doing better .

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You can not expect me to give you all the hadiths and Quranic verses against music and singing in one comment, because then you will just scroll down and down and will not read the comment.

Brother, a good muslim means a good practicing muslim who follow the complete religion and that is why you will not find anyone declaring himself as a good muslim. I don't say myself as a good muslim rather I call myself a Believer and that is why I have chosen this username for myself. I can not say myself a "FOLLOWER" because it means you follow the total religion. No Muslim can say that he/she is following the total religion and by the fear of Allah no muslim will say that he is a good muslim because it is only Allah who knows who is good or bad. And also it is the weapon of shaitan for practicing muslims who do every good deed to make them believe that they are very good so that all their good deeds can be unvalidated.

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@ armky

Here is what the Holy Quran says about singing.

"And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Qur'an) by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the Hell-fire)." (Surah Luqman, Verse 6)

If you don't doubt in existence of God and offers all the compulsory salaah and do all good things and then all you want to do now is listening to songs then I must say you are a better Muslim then myself. Listening songs is not a sin that will through you out of Islam, and for which you hate Islam.

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why always people take listening to songs and music as an argument that I'm not a good Muslim, and this is not about singing, check it out again.

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Islam give guidance such as it does not just forbid interest but it also teaches why use of gold over paper money prevent interest. God taught us not to speculate (gamble). Gambling comes in many form for example: Currency derivatives (forex) ,spurs speculative trading, which is one of the primary causes of the 1997 East-Asian financial crisis. Some industry observers remark that a significant portion of currency derivative trading we see today is based on speculation, rather than for genuine economic reasons (such as hedging). That is my humble opinion.The loving God guide us not to play with forex, gambling, interest n future

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Arabic or English or Russian, it does not make a difference. Do U know who was Muhammad (S.A.W) ? he was also an Arab and he prohibited singing songs by Allah's command, what you say now? And if you are an arab and listen to arabic songs, i hope you know Nancy Ajram and Haifa Wehbe do you think what they wear is acceptable? Seriously I don't want my sisters and daughters to admire these celebrities, because what you admire you will try to be like them.

The thing is, whatever you want to do in your life no one of us can stop you. And as you think that every religion will teach you the same good things, I advice you to remain a Muslim because according to you, you have to do all these good things in any other religion as well. So if you die in the state of Emaan, Allah will enter you in Jannah one day. However, whatever wrong you would have been done in this world you will have to pay the price but your goods deeds will not go vein, Unless you indulge in Gunah-e-Kabira (Major Sins).

Armky we are also not very good Muslims. We also do mistakes and things what we should not be doing ,but the thing is we don't doubt in existence of God, we don't doubt in judgement day and for our nafs we don't blame the religion.

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Thank you very much for your answer, first of all, I don't listen to Nancy and Haifa, I listen to male singers. what did the prophet say about prohibiting singing ?. and second I didn't doubt the existence of god, and I said in my question that I'm saying that Islam is a false religion. I know man, I thought exactly as same as your advice, stop saying things that means I'm like a Kafir, I swear I didn't do anything wrong in this world, I pray from long time ago, I dont steal or cheat, I don't even know girls.

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You said you pray all Salawaat. May I know why you pray if you hate Islam because you have said in one of your reply that you wished to be born in any other religion. Do you really know what you say in your prayers when you sit and raise the finger? You say

"Ashhadu al la ilaha ill Allahu wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluh."

(I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Apostle.)

armky on one side you hate Islam and on the other you bear witness 5 times that there is no deity but Allah. I think you really don't know the meaning of salah and what you say in salah. You pray but you don't know what you pray. This is not a complete salah, you just perform exercises 5 times a day and this is the reason your prayers are not benefiting you and you are going astray. Instead of feeling happy that you pray 5 times, you are feeling them a burden on you that you perform ablution in winters and you stop all the study and work to perform salah. Think that 10 min salah make you tired so you should thank Allah that Allah wasn't get tired when Allah endowed you with hearing (ears), seeing (eyes), and heart. And what little thanks you give? Because there are people in this world who are deaf, blind and paralyzed.

And it was not my point that you listen to sad songs or romantic songs. i think you are unaware of mind control and tell me would you like your sister or daughter to sing nicki minaj's starship, it was a huge hit.

Do search on google for illuminati sublime messages in the following songs.

  1. Lady Gaga - Alejandro
  2. Madonna - Frozen
  3. Katy Perry - E.T.

Armky no great answer can satisfy you because you have doubts in judgement day, no wish of jannah, no fear of hell fire and you think all you have is this world. And this does not reflect the psychology of a Muslim but of an Atheist.

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first of all, I know exactly what to say in each saalah, and I know exactly what do they mean because I've been taught about it since I was born AND because its my native language (ARABIC). Seriously man, your talking to me about nicki minaj,lady gaga and katy perry, I listen to arabic songs, how about that, they dont have anything with what so called Illuminati which we dont know if it really exist!! BTW the last paragraph did mean something about me, but I dont want to be an atheis.

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Why would you ever want to leave this amazing religion? I wish I was taught more about Islam in my childhood. Now I have to teach myself a lot, and I don't mind. You should be so proud you can pray and you were born Muslim, Allah handed you Islam, it's in your blood. Be thankful. Allhamdulilah. May Allah guide you to the right path Insh'Allah.

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Hello Keep in mind before u read that You need Allah and Allah doesn't need you ... Your problem is very clear .. but how u r looking for the solution I'd very wrong. Without knowing who u r or where or how old ... I can clearly say you don't even know the Islam u were even born into ! Don't just pray Ur prayers as instructed .. fulfil your duties to Allah Learn and read and study. Seek how to get the sweetenes of mean and Islam .. and once u taste it u will never want it to disappear again. If you aren't happy.. ever thought to yourself the problem might be you and not Islam ? Be loyal to Allah and nice him your heart and you will be guided. U made me think of all there poor ppl in Burma that r dying bcuz they are Muslim and U online find an excuse to stay in it .... I wish this Is just a prank ...

Goof luck

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I have been studying Islam since grade one till my first year in college, and believe me I had years i was very religious that maybe you wont believe me, I never said the problem from Islam, I said in my question that I don't and I'll never consider Islam as a false religion but I'm just Unhappy.

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Brother, you need to practise Islam at a level whereby you achieve the happiness you are looking for without committing sins. None of my other brothers and sisters have the right to judge you. Allah is the only ONE that can judge you. Allah is both loving and forgiving, if He indeed believes you have conducted yourself inappropriately He will tell you on the day of judgement. Your answer is in your heart. However, you seem to hate being a believer because you are listening to others around you and their judgement of you. Listen to your heart. Despite many seeing everything around themselves as black and white, there can be shades of grey. You need to ensure that all you do is be moral, kind, don't harm anyone and share plenty of love as you would with your sisters and brothers. This is how I live my life as a Muslim and I am happy.

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