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I dunno why but I started to hate Islam , i was born a Muslim , but i don't feel like its the right thing for me, im not saying that its a false religion, im just saying I cant be muslim and be happy in the same time, for the record I pray all the Salawat (just saying).

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@believer I mean I cant be happy becasue I pray alot, i cant be happy when saying tahleel or tasbeeh alot,and i cant be happy when I attend seminars about Islam. i cant live around people saying dont wear a necklace or a bracelet because its haram ( i dont wear tho) saying it makes you look like women, and i cant live around people saying music is haram, (i dont hear songs about bad things such as sex and demons... etc ) i know people they cant stand hearing the sound of music , when they hear, ohh reduce the sound, or they walk away oh i mean run away ! well its just music if you dont want to hear it, just dont listen, but dont talk to me about it as its haram.
there was a time I didnt pray at all, people told you have to pray the 5 prayers, ok eventually i did pray the 5 prayers, after that people started to say oh you just pray the 5 prayers, thats a weakness of your believes. By saying that im a just a muslim and your a practicing muslim, you mean that there is no difference between me and a non-muslim, so dont say it again because this is just a nonsense.

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Did you say ?

"I cant be muslim and be happy in the same time"

That's something new because I am a Muslim and Alhamdulillah I'm very happy with my life.

Ohh did you mean "I can't have lust in life and be a Muslim at same time" then you are right you can't be a Muslim and doing wrong things at the same time. It would be better if you can explain what is happiness to you?

I have said multiple times in this forum that 5 Prayers makes you only a Muslim and not a Practicing Muslim . You have not done something extra ordinary for Islam, this only shows the weakness of your believe.

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