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I dunno why but I started to hate Islam , i was born a Muslim , but i don't feel like its the right thing for me, im not saying that its a false religion, im just saying I cant be muslim and be happy in the same time, for the record I pray all the Salawat (just saying).

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my friend,u want to leave islam?me i always cry and wished i was born in an islamic home but u are complaining about it?that is the best gift u can ever have,being born in an islamic home.i wish we can exchange.look being muslim is the best thing u can do.but i know,u want to be like other youths out there behaving like sheep without a sherpherd.i cant hide u,tomorrow i will be a month old in islam,but i wish i had known this religion earlier becuase it has given me peace.i tell u life without allah is nothing.i am talking from experiece,not based on rumours,i tell u,there are millions of people who died without knowing the truth and they wish they had known even 1 word from the holy quran,but there is no way back,once u die,u cant make things straight.DONT BRING HUMAN RIGHTS TO ALLAH,HE CREATEDEVERYTHING ON EARTH AND IN HEAVENS.

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Did you say ?

"I cant be muslim and be happy in the same time"

That's something new because I am a Muslim and Alhamdulillah I'm very happy with my life.

Ohh did you mean "I can't have lust in life and be a Muslim at same time" then you are right you can't be a Muslim and doing wrong things at the same time. It would be better if you can explain what is happiness to you?

I have said multiple times in this forum that 5 Prayers makes you only a Muslim and not a Practicing Muslim . You have not done something extra ordinary for Islam, this only shows the weakness of your believe.

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Brother, If You Are a muslim say allhamdulildah and if you do not enjoy islam just stay in worship and then isha allah on the day of judgment allah makes you go to jannah and you will be happy like life is the best so do you usderstand and 2nd thing islam is not about fu n is about worshiping Alah

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@believer I mean I cant be happy becasue I pray alot, i cant be happy when saying tahleel or tasbeeh alot,and i cant be happy when I attend seminars about Islam. i cant live around people saying dont wear a necklace or a bracelet because its haram ( i dont wear tho) saying it makes you look like women, and i cant live around people saying music is haram, (i dont hear songs about bad things such as sex and demons... etc ) i know people they cant stand hearing the sound of music , when they hear, ohh reduce the sound, or they walk away oh i mean run away ! well its just music if you dont want to hear it, just dont listen, but dont talk to me about it as its haram.
there was a time I didnt pray at all, people told you have to pray the 5 prayers, ok eventually i did pray the 5 prayers, after that people started to say oh you just pray the 5 prayers, thats a weakness of your believes. By saying that im a just a muslim and your a practicing muslim, you mean that there is no difference between me and a non-muslim, so dont say it again because this is just a nonsense.

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You pray 5 times a day and you think your pray a lot? Ask yourself if you are the only person in a masjid (Mosque) when you pray or you pray at home where you are the only person praying?

Tasbeeh is not a must if you don't want, then don't say tasbeeh.

You don't have to attend seminars, seminars are to refresh you believe. But if you don't want to go then don't go.

Music is haram, do u know why? Music is something that if you are sad and you listen to a sad song you will remain sad until that song will end. Its like a drug addiction you will not gain conscious until the effect of drug will vanish. Songs include sublime messages, nudity and words that if you repeat them you go astray and against Islam. and music is also harmful for your brain as well. I hope there are songs that you will not want your sisters and daughters to sing.

I haven't said that there is no difference between a non-muslim and a muslim. a Literate person and an illiterate person can never be equal. If you you believe in one God and his prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) then Alhamdulillah you are a muslim. What I am saying is that you can not say because I am praying 5 times a day then I am a good Muslim. Brother you can not sit on a chair with 3 legs broken. You can not say because you are praying 5 times a day you are doing a favor to Allah because at the end you give nothing to Allah except your obedience and Allah will reward you but if you just pray and brake all other laws of Allah then you have to pay for your wrong doings however the reward of prayers is still there.

Make sense now?

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You are thinking like this because your iman is weak.PROPHET SALLALU ALAIHI WASALLAM SAID/aduniyaa sijinulmumin wajannatil kafir/ meaning /this world is a prison for the devoted muslims and it is paradise of the non-believers THAT IS WHY WE ARE Restricted to soo may things.also may be ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA IS READY TO LET YOU GO ASTRAY BECAUSE ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA SAID UNDERSTANDING OF THE DEEN IS FROM HIM ALONE.HE MAKE WHOM HE LOVE TO BE A BELIEVER i.e MUSLIM.Prophet sallallahu allaihi wasallam said what i did not say,WHAT ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA DID NOT SAY:HE WHO SAYS IT

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nope no sense till now. i dont think that I pray a lot, but i dont have lack in my prayers. I dont listen to sad songs when im sad, thats for retard. when im happy i listen to songs, sometimes funny songs and one time to another i listen to Beethoven. please dont say that singers put some words in the lyrics to control your mind to leave islam. and No they are not Harmful to the brain, actually they are useful and im 100% sure. and i want to hear my daughter singing to me a nice decent song or funny song if she has a good voice. and who told you Im breaking all other laws of alah, Im not, I never had sex in my life, stole , been bad-mannered. and yes you had said that there is no difference between a non-muslim and a Muslim. why do i have to do somehting for islam, why dont I do something for my self

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im sorry but no one gave me a good answer, this is what everyone answers, say alhmdula that your muslim, your iman is weak. Now if we assumed I left islam, i ll go to hell, when there is people didnt know our message at all, they wont go because the message didnt reach them, so i wish that i didnt born as a muslim, I wish i was born something else and be converted, do you know why ! because i know everyone who converted to islam from something else, they really converted and wanted to be muslims from their hearts, but i just born as a muslim without having a choice. @Khadijah will im not in peace now, do you think i want this, i dont. but i just cant have peace while Im muslim, i dunno why. and saying alhamdulilah didnt work ! @iman Nabil staying not happy is a torture, i cant just wait till the judgment day!

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What is it exactly that you think will bring you happiness in this life?

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You should stay in Islam because it defines your very existence . Think about all the things that this world has forsaken Allah can give you . Now tell me which out of these things truly benefits you?? Once you have pondered on that, then think of all the things Islam gives you in this life. Tell me how does this benefit you? Can you really leave prayer, and leave all the things you have learned in this Islam ? Can you really teach your children anything other than Islam ? Could you really eat and drink without saying bismillah? Ask yourself could you really go everyday without reading the Qur'an? most of all ask yourself what is true happiness? What is it that really makes you happy? Allah is why we breath ,think, speak, hear, see and so on. He is also why we are thankful and grateful and can love and feel all types of emotions right? Call on Allah for what your seeking brother! Turn to him! Nchallah he will help you through all you need.

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My brother hav'nt you recite the qur,an and reading hadith and knowing their teaching or dont you have islamic preachers in ur home town go and crosscheck and see oll this ur are saying is the sign or work of shaitan that is telling you the falseness my brother if you hear this why can,t u be reciting or sayin A,uzubillahi minaishaita nirrajim and Allah will protect you against it so hope u understand.or you should go and ask the imam of your mosque and tell him your feeling he will guide you to d right path.MAY ALLAH SWA HELP US AMEEN.

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