I dunno why but I started to hate Islam , i was born a Muslim , but i don't feel like its the right thing for me, im not saying that its a false religion, im just saying I cant be muslim and be happy in the same time, for the record I pray all the Salawat (just saying).

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something happened to me yesterday, I feel so much better now, I don't know why the hell I was talking to all of you like that, I want to say I'm very sorry if I annoyed anyone, and Thanks for everyone who was very helpful. I was just angry from everything around me but something happened and Alhamdulilah I feel better now, if anyone can tell me how to delete this question because I don't want any one who's new to islam to see it

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You should be able to at the bottom left corner of your post. And I m glad to hear your doing better .

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Im gonna keep this short. You are bieng decieved by the devil. Dont let him get into your mind the more you think about leaving islam the more you will regret it trust me if understood, islam is the best religion to believe in.you say you cant be happy at the same time as bieng in islam but thats your fault you have to believe yourself to be happy in islam, try reading the Quran or namaaz it is a lot of relief trust me.-aqibA

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