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i became muslim a month ago,i changed to islam because i wasnt happy with my christian life and was impressed about how one of the muslim bothers submitted himself to allah.i then discovered that islam is the true religion.the problem is at the mosque,women are barely found,2,they all speak chinese which i dont understand so i rarely go to the mosque,infact i just went once when i went to officially become muslim and given a muslim name.this muslim brother is the only one who knows better English,the others it french etc,i have tried to find lessons on net but youtube,facebook,tweeter,etc are not allowed in china.and my jod being military,doing a course in a foreign country am not allowed to wear hijab.i have tried to find some online help but i have problems with logging in,internet problems work they have threatened to fire me,my parents cant accept the fact that am muslim,they think am joking,every one back in my country is making fun of just VERY COMFUSED.I WISH I CAN NEVER GO BACK TO MY COUNTRY AGAIN.

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Salaam sister... You can contact me anytime... I know a knowledgeable sister who teaches Quraan thru skype... I learn from her myself... She does it for the sake of Allah and its free or however much u want to give... Contact me and ill give you her details... Also, you can ask for any help you may need... Tc

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@ bubbles,its better u give me her contacts not me giving u mine,its awkward

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Sister check ur email notification of my previous msg... I put my email add in it then deleted it... It should b in ur email

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Assalam alaikoum.

It's very nice to find someone who really struggles to better his imaan and be a good muslim. Take it easy sister and relax. You can wear hijab when you're ready. And you don't need to learn chinese if you really meant chinese. Take it step by step.

-Learn how to pray, how to fast, and many basic things in islam at first. There are many sites that can surely help you. -Read Quran in English. -Download Quran written in English letters but in arabic verses. -Start learning arabic at least to just read Quran and hadiths.

By time, you'll find yourself able to do what you now think can't do at all.

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