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Salamul alaykum waramatullah wabarakatuh'!!!!!!!!!!

Can someone join Imam on Asr' prayer while he wanted 2 observe Suhr' prayer, in other not 2 lose both prayer congregationally (say Suhr' intention when Asr' prayer is in progress)... maa sallam

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Walaykum asalaam warahmatullah wabarakatuh

To answer your question, I don't think so. If you are following the Imaam, you are praying what he is praying. If the Imaam is praying Asr and you missed Zuhr, best thing to do is just pray Asr after Imaam. Once he is finished, you can make up the 4 rakats for Zuhr that you missed. If the Imaam has called prayer and has started praying, the best thing is to join him, because this would also mean that the prescribed time for the previous prayer has passed anyway. Hope this helped.


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Walaykum alsalam w rahmat Allah

My answer is regarding the intentions/observing

All Islamic scholars have agreed that there is no problem you and the imam having different intentions , and there have been many fatwas agreeing to its validity.

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