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Salam aleykum. very long time I have been thinking about one thing and this is important for me. what if person knows that zina is haram and he never done it. And he wants to do it once in his life, but after zina he will do repentance. what is the difference between the person who did zina and after that did repentance and who never did zina? Please I need to the answer to this question.

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This is a very good question, I appreciate that you asked. Now I can give you a clear answer which I was trying to tell people in this forum but they never tried to understand.

If any Muslim did zina, that person has to face the punishment of 100 lashes if that person was unmarried when he commits this sin or if he was married and commits this sin he should be stoned to death. THIS IS THE ONLY REPENTANCE FOR THIS SIN IN ISLAM, if that person thinks that he/she can purify himself/herself by just crying and begging in front of ALLAH, then he/she is trying to fool himself/herself, because Allah (SWT) has told you what is the punishment and yet Muslims think they can go away by crying. The Beloved Prophet of Ummat-e-Muslima Muhammad (S.A.W) gave this punishment to those who commit this sin and yet Muslims are trying to get away by any other mean. Remember MUSLIMS DON NOT CHALLENGE THE SHARI'AH, THE ONLY REPENTANCE FOR THIS SIN IS THE PUNISHMENT WHAT ISLAM HAS DESCRIBED.

And who saved himself/herself from this sin by the fear and love of Allah. Allah will reward them.

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Let it be cofirmed by my Mufti Naushad Sir.

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why do u want to do something when u know its haram? don't let your evil desires take control over u.its very bad to do something when u know its haram,AVOID,it only takes 1 spark to set a big forest on fire.please i beg u don't do it,others have died in sin just by saying let me just try today for once,after all other people have been doing it all there lives and are still alive,what can stop me from doing it,NOT KNOWING THAT WAS THEIR LAST DAY ON EARTH.they died in sin,so don't do it.u never know what happens next, OK what if u do it today and then it turns out to be judgement day?what excuse can u give?so my brother don't do it pleaseeeeeee!

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W'Alaykum Al Salam,

Zina is Zina. There difference is married or not married. Disobeying Allah & Asking for repentance (Tubah) are two different matters. And they are the same for whoever did it to try (Once) or for whoever does it.

I'll start with what Zina does to you here in life - before talking about repentance.

-darkening of the face,

-darkness of the heart and the extinguishing of its light

-loss of respect towards the one who does it, (lowering his levels with Allah)

-causes him to lose the best of attributes, namely chastity, goodness and righteousness,

-foul odour that will emanate from him and be detected by everyone who has a sound heart; it will emanate from his mouth and body

-feel uneasy and distressed

-leads to cutting the ties of kinship, disobedience towards parents, haraam earnings and poverty

-lack of religious commitment,

-loss of piety & chivalry

-lack of protective jealousy,

Ofcourse there is much more about judgment day etc...

Remember: Its the gravest acts of disobedience against Allaah after shirk

Is it all really worth the Trial ? Yes Allah is forgiving. But then we have to pray that he accepts our repentance (Tubah) And what if Allah doesnt ?

Remember: al Zani (who commints Zina) - comes out of the grave on the day when mankind is resurrected, holding onto his private part ......

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