Well... It's not good to not get married and its also not good to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. So I heard that you have to get a boyfriend or girl friend to get married and to be engaged with them. what are you supposed to do.

So insha allah when i get married what am i supposed to do ?????

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@Iman Nabil: you are of age 10 na??

Are you want to get married at the age of 10??

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Just joking.... Ha ha ha ha

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insha allah if allah lets his wills let me even though i dont want to get married but allah know

lol hahah

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  1. Purify your intentions

  2. Get active. People have jobs, school, and responsibilities, but that does not negate the fact that each one of us has the responsibility to get active in our Muslim community

  3. The best place to find a Muslim spouse is in a Muslim environment – or Muslim functions

  4. Check the shyness, but that does not mean we are unattainable

  5. Most Muslim women I know are open to being approached – in a RESPECTFUL manner

  6. Don’t be afraid to let people know you are looking for a wife

  7. Life outside of the masjid. Don’t have a masjid life and a street life

  8. Strengthen your relationship with Allah

  9. Strengthen your Iman then worry about the wife

  10. Be presentable. The Prophet (saw) was one whose clothes were clean, who smelled good and was well groomed

Dating, brings about a great amount of sins and wrongdoings. a Muslim boy or girl must never be trapped into this web of satan.

In accordance to the guidelines given in the beautiful teachings of Islam, when one seeks a partner in marriage, he/she must consult with the parents or other close family members. The parents/guardian etc. will then enquire from others in the community and beyond about a good boy or girl for their son/daughter. When a certain match is found, the parents/guardian should enquire about the traits, habits and character of that person. If they are pleased, then they would introduce the boy to the girl. At this point the boy and girl may speak to each other within the presence of blood relatives and may then decide that they would marry each other. Even at this time, it is not permissible for both of them to go out alone, to be in seclusion or to maintain any sort of relationship which is seen from a husband and wife.

If a boy happens to see a girl which may interest him or vice versa, then they must consult with their parents and proceed thereafter in accordance to the guidelines given in the beautiful teachings of Islam.

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my dear,leave everything in the hands of Allah,whether u get a boyfriend/girlfriend or not, Allah knows what he has planned for u.so life by Allah's will,and u will get the best, salaam

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are you cakking me my dear because im 10 or.... im a kid cause everyone says that and it shakesme out

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In my opinion get to know each other and see how it goes and if it has been going wonderfull, be the best of friends, then after maybe a few years (3) be in a committed relationship, not a girlfriend and boyfriend relationship there is no point because if you know each other well and like each other then be in a serious realtionship and see if you are meant to be. But when i mean a committed relationship i mean out love and purity and be carefull with how you treat your relationship there are limits that only marriage allow. Look to Allah (almighty).-aqibA

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