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Assalamallaykom brothers and sisters of Islam, Today i was with a Christian friend and she wanted to go pray in the church. I didn't want to seem disrespectful so I went in with her. Is it haram for a Muslim to walk into a church? She also dipped her fingers in a holy water and before I knew it she was in front of me and crossed my forehead. What does this mean? I am very concerned as I know it isn't right... So please brothers and sisters help me! I am worried about what happened and don't know what to do

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Which kind blessing. THE PROPHET sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam said we should keep ourselves away from bad people e.g kafir munafiquun.she was trying to convert you to her religion.and HE also said /mantashaba biqawmin fahuwa minhu/ he who copy the way of other religion,group is part of them.indirectly you have been converted to her religion.LOCATE an islamic scholar e.g imam,ustaz,sheik, to get you converted back to ISLAM.After you have been converted,dont do what other religion are doing and YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM HER.if you cant then limit the interaction that will occur between you.DONT MAKE FRIEND WITH KAFIRS,MUNAFIQUUN.BAD MUSLIMS BUT MAKE FRIEND WHAT LOYAL,DEVOTED MUSLIM

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Your friend was trying to convert you. This is done for one type of baptismal. Being baptized can be what happened to you or being dunked full body underneath water. Do what brother abdulrasaqtoheeb said .. Nchallah you will receive the guidance to correct this. And this is a very important trial for you. I know you didn't want to be disrespectful. But that's exactly what she was to you. Remember when your doing the right thing ( sticking firm by Islam), don't fear people in doing so . nchallah things get better for you.

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What do you mean? You mean that I am now christian?! is it possible for her to convert me if i didnt even accept it?

(Dec 30 '12 at 01:02) muslima2012 muslima2012's gravatar image

No I don't believe so . Although I am not sure as I don't know much about this particular religion. My sisters husband is catholic and he said its how they do baptismal and to bless someone. you do however need to contact one of authority to tell you what you need to do. I don't think that it would be validated since you were not wanting this. I was only saying this is how they convert\ baptisms or to bless someone.

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I will speak to a Sheikh to keep on the safe side .. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

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Seek for forgiveness from ALLAH SUBHANA WA TA'ALA

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It was a blessing. That does not make you a Christian. To do that you must accept Jesus Christ as your savior in your heart & speak it.

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Either way .. Receiving a blessing from someone other than Allah is shirk. Salaam

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Salam Sister Muslima2012,

I was raised as a Christian. First as a Protestant, and then as a Catholic. For a while I studied for the priesthood, but found I had no vocation.

Rest assured, the stupid actions of your 'friend' have not made you a Christian. For an adult to become a Christian through baptism he or she has to make a conscious choice, and express their commitment to the faith, usually in public, and certainly to the one giving baptism. Moreover, the person giving baptism must use the correct form of words: 'I baptise you.......etc'.

You are as much a Muslim as you have ever been, but perhaps a much wiser one!

May Allah (Subhana wa Ta'ala) grant you peace of mind, and His continued protection.

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