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My boss invited me and all our coworkers to a dinner at an Italian Restaurant. I know that this restaurant is a part restaurant/part bar stand, like most Italian restaurants. I also know that they will be drinking during the dinner as they have talked about this.

I don't feel comfortable being in this situation. I know that they will only be drinking a glass (aka not getting drunk) and I obviously won't be drinking...but I want to know how to deal with this situation. Is it okay to go to dinner with them, or is it haram to be around the alcohol, even though we are sitting at a restaurant eating dinner?

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even just sitting with them makes you apart of what they are indulging. You said your uncomfortable therefore you have doubt . Listen to the doubt usually doubt tells you not to do so. I hope this helps Insha Allah .

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Thank you, I guess I knew all along that it was wrong, but just needed some reassurance. I will not be going and my boss was totally fine with it.ALhamdullilah

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Dont follow them because you will be also tempted to taste it. Brief story on it. During Umar bin khattab radya Allah anhu reign as a caliph.he make a rule that any one to takes alcohol should be given 80 strokes of the cane.In a restaurant there were 4,5,or 6 men sitting and discussing and some of them were drinking beer.those whom the caliph appointed to get hold of those who indulge in drinking alcoholic drink arrived a took all of them away.When they arrived at where the judgement was to be passed some of them said one among them is fasting that he did not drink what they were drinking but he was just discussing with them.UMAR RADIYA ALLAH ANHU SAID THAT THEY should start the beating from him.the exclaimed and asked why.HE SAID didn't they hear the PROPHET SAL ALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLM when he said when you are in a midst of people are they are doing what is bad,STAND from where they are and move away from them.return only when they are discussing,doing new thing that is acceptable,good. MASALLAM.

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