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Assalumulakum My auntie pasted away and a bird kept coming to our house for about a week it was not afraid of us we gave it food but most of the time it just sat and stared at us. It came inside our house and sometimes we had no clue how it came because the door was closed is it true that when someone dies, while in the grave there soul can change and there "awro" the spirit or soul they can change to an animal and they come to family for them to prey for them and ask allah (swt) to forgive them for ther sins??????/

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Walikum-Assalam, Human Spirit doesn't change into or take the shape of any animal. It is always good to do Isaal-e-sawaab for those who have passed away.

And when a person die, and his/her body buried under the ground he/she has to face the questioning in his/her grave. And according to their deeds a door of heaven or hell opens for them. So their spirit have no authority to take shape of any animal and comes in the world again.

Hope this the answer of the question :-)

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