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i was gone to my beloved home i was there in his access.. he didnt ruin me but as he was about to came closer to me.. i stopped him.. although he crossed limits but not sex.. now i am very guilty and ashammed infront of my ALLAH... plz help me out.. i love my ALLAH.. i love my lover on the other hand but not more than ALLAH.. as i did not go there with the intention of doing haram activity or sex.. i feel very very regretful and i feel like i am going far away from my beloved one(fiaunce)... infact i cant live without him.. let me tell what is right plzz i am in a great sorrow...!

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If he will be the one to make you do what is haram,then forget are not allowed to visit a male or have discussion or touching eachother in islam since you have not been rightfully engage even if you have been engage you should not move to each other let alone him trying to touch you or if nikkah has taken place.visiting him is also a sin that you must seek for forgiveness on.we must not have sex before marriage in islam.

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They say a man and a woman are never alone. the devil sits with them also.

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i think you should repent

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salamualaikum...well thanks be to almighty allah that you over the temptation of commiting what's haram..if you feel lyk you are loosing him(your boyfriend),there is no doubt of you letting him go away from your life...allah would surely provide someone so special to you..just keep on praying and allah would surely see you true...jazakallah kareem

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