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what is value of the new year in the view of Islam ?

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There is no celebration in the list. Live life as you are living…NormaL….there’ s nothing special. As a Muslim it is not permissible to ‘Wish’ (greet Happy New Year) ‘Respond’ (to the greeting ifsomeone says Happy New Year) ‘Celebrate’ (in any sense whatsoever) ‘Participate’ (in any kind of celebration or in those evil, wild, wacky and trashy parties) Reason??? --- This is completely a Christian Festival as it is the beginning of the ‘Gregorian Calendar’ this is a non-Muslim festival which is made global but as a Muslim it’s obligatory upon us not to participate in such festivals. A Muslim openly rejects when invited to have pork, drink alcohol, commit fornication, so…..this too is in the same lines, he should not hesitate in rejecting an invitation for this satanic celebration. No wishing, No responding, No Celebration & No Participation. Put a status onBB or twitter, facebook, whatapp and whatever....tha t 'There is no New Years Greeting or Celebration for us' or 'Don’t wish us Happy New Year' or anything else... and beware of responding to Happy New Year messages. It is a serious matter of Deen. Don't play around with it. Would you respond to someone who wished you Happy Iblees Day? Think about it!! Remember Allah honours His slaves who follow His guidance and humiliates those who follow their lusts and deviant people. (A Post made by Ubaid Bin Riyaz @Ubi on Facebook)

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No celebration. It is just the festival which took place when the ROMANS Want to worship their idols January means janurous meaming that we muslim who participate is happy with what they are doing which is shirk and it is against our TAWHEED. See more on new year in the knowledge sharing page.I WILL POST IT IN SOME MINUTES TIME INSHA ALLAH

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