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I read some article in online related to article "sex at first time after marriage"....I just want to know how many days we want to keep virginity after marriage to take the sunnath if there is in islam....

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You don't have to wait. You can do on first night, and for this purpose you marry so why you have to wait? Marriage is a Blessing of Allah (S.W.T) so why you want to wait to Thank Allah? Because there is a great Sawaab (Reward) in it as well . Don't get late without any strong reason :-)

Do u know what is the society's perspective if you late it. That husband and wife don't love each other or they are not happy with the marriage for any reason. so my advice is that don't late this. :-)

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it is much better to do sex after marriage (Mubashrat ) but if both spouse dont want to do sex then it is ok other wise it is good to do it at first night Islamic Sexual Guide

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