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I m hafiz fr others but infact i spend three years fr hifz i remberd new n forgot the previous when i completed i hardly remberd only 4 or 5 paras what should i do now plz help me? And at the time of hifz i leave the 3 parhas also n this all happens due to my qari plz guide me fr that

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Plz tell me what should i do now becoz now a days i m soooo much busy n its really difficult fr me to do hifz again n question of mine is that is it necessary fr me to do hifz

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You have to remember it again at any how. Because there is a great punishment for those who forgot Quran after remembering.

If someone not remember Quran then there is no matter. But if anyone remembered it and forgot, then there is heavy punishment on judgement day.

so brother remember it again.

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