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i am married man and have crush with a married woman who is younger than me.we once kissed each other i feel ver guilt and stopped all relationship with her..and i am asking forgiveness fromm Alla ,the should i compensate with my great sin besaides asking forgiveness to Allah in my 5 time prayer..pls help me..i am very tensed with guilt..

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Repent sincerely in front of Allah, and promised not to do it again. Its good that you stopped early and InshAllah your regret will remove your sin.

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Quran 27:11 Allah Almighty says in Quran Otherwise, he who wrongs, then substitutes good after evil - indeed, I am Forgiving and Merciful.

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If you are really ashamed to your deeds and what you did then Allah will forgive you inshalah. We all peoples do very bad things and if after that we accept our fault then Allah forgive us. For more detail you can read through this. Islamic android apps

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yes repent seriously and don't meet her while you were alone

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