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Alhamdulillah from my own personal experience I can tell you that. You should recite Surah Quraish and blow onto the food you eat. INSHALLAH, Allah will cure you from this. Some of the benefits of Surah Quraish are,

If this surah is recited over the food before eating it, it would not harm the eater; and it would have cure of every ailment, Inshallah.

The reciter of this surah is like him who has circumambulated holy Kabah and stayed in the holy masjid for continued prayers.

Whoso recites this surah often times, Allah would, on the day of judgement, give him one of the means of transport of paradise which would take him to a very slect part of paradise.

If this surah is recited over water and it is sprinkled over a man with a heart ailment whose cause is not known, Allah would cure this ailment."

Remeber: You should have firm faith in Allah (S.W.T).

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Assalam-0-Alikum Brother, May Allah cure you. Ameen.

Have you consulted to any doctor?

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What Do you mean by genital areas u confuse me

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