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My parents are looking for a suitable match for my marriage. And they asked me my decision for a match. I did not find it suitable and i rejected it. Now my parents are upset over my decision. I wanted to know .. Do a girl actually have right to choose a suitable match to marry? does Islam allow this? Please throw some light over my issue.


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Yes if she is married omen. As a unmarried girl, Islam has not given right to choose a match for her marriage. But she will get this right when her choose will be matched with her guardian.

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Islam gives full authority to a Girl to choose her life partner, after all she is the one who will live her life with that person.

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Walaykum asalaam,

yes, you have full right to make a decision of whether or not you are happy with the person your parents have found for you. Before nikkah, you will be asked 3 times who you are getting married to and if you agree to the marriage. There need to be witnesses also so people know what your true desires are.

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