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i agree .. but hav u ever looked at the other angle of the picture... if Muslims are allowed to party on the eve of their own new year with all the preparations and confetti and celebrations believe me no one will be interested in celebrating the gregorian new year ... lets face it we are humans and we need a breather every once in a while and we jump at every opportunity we get... fine we can't have fireworks or watever coz Our Prophet (Peace be upon him) never did celebrate the occasion ...i but i swear to God look at the way they celebrate thanksgving and how big of a deal they make out of christmas if we cud do the same on our eid days (which never happens btw) why wud we be interested at all in their feasts?? u live in dubai, it's a muslis country now do i need say anymore!!??....this is the comment my friend passed on when she was sai that celebrating new year is not allowed in islam....pls advice

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If muslims are allowed to party ? Yes you can party - but its all about what you mean by party.

Agrees with what Believer said , its about what about goes on in the party thats wrong.

Islam doesnt supress you the way you think sister that you would need a breather once in awhile. Islam keeps you away from wrong doings.

The new year georigan calender you mentioned ofcourse has its history and it was started by a pope. So lets keep the new years for who should celebrate it.

As for islamic countries and alchohol - yes out of all 53 islamic countires - most do have alcohol, - except for 3 or 4. And even in those you can find some in exceptional places like compounds or home made etc etc.... at the end it all falls into what kind of muslim is that person ? ( it most of the countries its allowes - its illegal to sell ans serve to muslims)

A party with no alchohol , late night ,music , mixed ... is it still called a Party?

If our Prophet (salah allah aleeh wasalam) didnt celebrate the Hijri New Year - should muslims really celebrate the Gerorigan Calender New Year?

My opinion is the breather you need is Islam. Thats the only true form of happiness that is everlasting.

Good Luck.

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Check the knowledge sharing page.also as petrolhead said when Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam did not celebrate the hijra so why should we help them in celebrating theirs

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I suppose its wrong to praise other festivals just to justify our wrong actions in participating their festivals...

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New Year is not any other festival, its just New Year. The thing is what you do on New Year Eve which makes it haram or halal. Actually People in some modern Muslim Countries like the one you mentioned drink alcohol, do some inappropriate parties and waste the money which is not allowed in Islam. You can have family dinners, give treat to your friends and if it makes you feel happy you can do some fireworks as well (This is my own opinion). But make sure that you will not hurt others by your actions. Sister, Islam does not stop you to live your life Islam only stops you from wrong doings. :-)

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