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Hi.I am 15 years old.I am felling very ashamed of my self to ask this question but i need the solution because i think its a sin what i am doing.Could you please help me in stopping masturbation,i mean i tried to stop it but in vain.please help me,please for a muslim to muslim,please.

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well, i believe there is a hadith that says if a man wants a woman, he should marry her. if he cant, he should fast. im not sure if that applies to your situation, but fasting might help. i know its the school year and you might be involved in some kind of sport, but pray to God for strength and guidance, and inshaAllah He will help you do what's best.

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I vil provide u sum information about it..In shaallah..Allah vil protect u .. 1.Try 2 b in wadhu all d time. 2.Avoid being alone.. 3.weneva u r alone r zikr of Allah. 4.dnt remove all d hair 4rm ur pubic region as it increases friction n we get more temptd. 5..Avoid bad company. 6.Weneva u feel weak in ur faith..ask ALLAH 4 HELP ..surely HE vil guard u ...

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Hang in there kid, you'll get over it. Don't be alone for long periods of time, avoid all sexually visual material, if you find you are tempted perhaps give yourself a punishment like putting in $1 for each time you are tempted and for each time you control your self give yourself a treat like a chocolate bar or something. THis is just your nafas (ego) and with zikr, prays and self control you should get there. I know its hard now, but you'll get there, each time you refrain you'll get stronger.


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i know what you can do: when you want to masturbate dont do it.. do something else that you like... for example playing video games or go out..also when you see a girl dont think about her

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Hi there,

I'm no sex therapist but I do know putting aside all religion that we are all human and we live inin one in a world full of sexy advertising and materials. We live in a world of beauty. So why should you put your head down when you see something pleasing to your eyes. God gave you eyes to see. As long as you're a good person and do no harm to yourself nor others that you respect all living things around you, then what you do in your spare time behind closed doors is your business... god will not judge you. You are his creation and he loves you unconditionally! Explore your body and do not feel guilty.

In one national study 95% of men and 89% of women masturbate. It relives stress and keeps everything about your body, your heart rate, blood pressure, reproductive system, brain chemistry in very good condition. Men who ejaculate more than 5 times a week are less like to develo prostate cancer.

And to the sweet person who commented " Sex is not meant to have fun, its meant for a purpose and as we all know that is to get children and get more humans to the world"

Oh you are so wrong, sex is an act of love!!

Sex in a loving relationship dedicated to the Holy Spirit and Guided by the Holy Spirit is (in this sense) an act of affection and can continue to be so until the mind has become so unified in Purpose that there are no cravings or desires for form of any kind.

When this desirelessness happens there is truly the miracle of Atonement and Christ is fulfilled in the Divine Love of Knowing God in Spirit. The miracle of Atonement transcends or dissolves the attraction to guilt in the sleeping mind.

Sex solely for the purpose of pleasure and sensual gratification is an ego motivation, attempting to reinforce the "reality" of the body, and this always involves the illusion of guilt.

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Carl your no phd either, recent studies at Cambridge say this activity increases the risk of prostrate cancer in younger men, but that it "may" decrease the risk in men older than 50. The best advice would be to not give in to the desires of the flesh. Reserve the pleasure and blessing of sexual gratification for the marriage bed.

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I was just wondering, your obviously not a Muslim why are you posting your Christian ideology on a website dedicated to solving problems the muslim way?

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Hello Athanaslus, you are spot on, I'm no PhD!! And never claimed I was :-) so how's life anyway?

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