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alslamu alikom

i am a man, 24 years old not married not have apartment no money, so i live with my married brother, i don't have a job to make money for living and i even don't find any job to work at, so i decided to launch a website to earn some money from ads, there are sections in my website containing of arabic and foreign movies & songs & photos,

my question : is it a sin to make money in this way ?

thank you

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Walikum Assalam,

First of All it is not a sin if you are unmarried at the age of 24, so take it easy :-).

Now to your question,

Brother, songs and movies which contains inappropriate content like nudity, kissing, bad clothing etc.. in short any thing which violates the law of Islam is totally not allowed. And each penny you make from them is haram.

There are many ways by which you can earn online. You can start an Islamic website or News Blog etc.

Hope this the answer of your question :-).

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I like what the first answer has said. It is not a sin, and if your musics, videos, etc. have inappropriate stuff, it is SURELY haram.

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