I wanted to know can we pray/make dua to Allah for getting married to someone who we feel is right for us? I'm 23 yrs old, I know a boy 25 yrs old and currently studying. He is a very good human being,kind,caring,helpful to everyone,doesn't drink/smoke, prays regularly most often. I too try to pray regularly,intentionally I've never done any harm or bad to anyone,yet I know we should try to be more more and focus on our religion. We both feel that we both are right choice for each other(Allah knows best),we wish to get married after he finishes his studies and can ask for marriage to our parents. I want to know if we can pray and ask Allah to get us married. I know we should say that keep us togther is that is the best for us,but somewhere we both strongly like each other and thinking of a live with another person kills us. Please could u give us some genuine information about this,if we can pray asking for each other's company throught life,and is there any special prayer,prayer at night, or dua that can help us ask Allah for a life together with each other.Please help us ..We don't want to get married to other people and maybe be unhappy somewhere as in arranged marriages we don't know how the person is,what are his/her likes,dislikes, it's more difficult to adjust,and trust new unknown people.Please help us so that we can get married by the blessing of Allah and by the blessing of parents.Please make dua for us and tell us what we can do? Thank you

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Assalamu-Alaikum. Loving someone for the sake of Allah is recommendable and act of worship as well. Allah says"atimes you may love something but its not good for you and atimes you may hate something but its good for you" and believe in His decree-subhaanah. O! my sister,by keeping this in mine you have nothing to worried about. For duaa;1.ISTIKHAARA 2.أللهم إن كان زوج لفلان خيرلى في دينى ومأشى أللهم جعله لي،وإن كن شرلي أللهم عيره بأفضل وخير منه.

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