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Assalamu-alaikum. Its quite common with the availability of cheap internet service that youth are reading erotic stories and sex stories. By Allah,if any one know any thing regarding this mas'la please i would appreciate it.

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Walikum Assalam,

As I don't feel the need of quotations from strong sources for this question I'll provide you a simple answer. Brother any thing which leads you to wrong path is definitely not appreciated in Islam. Reading these types of stories will fill your mind with wrong thinkings which could lead you to wrong path and away the from the religion.

And in my opinion not only is Islam but in any other religion as well, reading these types of stories will not be encouraged.

Hope this the answer of your question.

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Believer are you not a muslim why saying other religion. One of what turn a muslim to kafir is supporting other religion no matter what.dont in any way support them.MA SALLAM

(Jan 11 '13 at 06:23) abdulrasaqtoheeb11 abdulrasaqtoheeb11's gravatar image

Brother have you read and understand what I said or its due to your understanding of English Language? OK, I'll explain you,

Look at his Question Title "Reading Erotic Stories-Islamic Ruling?"

And What I meant by saying "other religions" is that, you don't have to search for particular Religion Ruling for Reading Erotic Stories. As if a person use his brain he will know that no religion will encourage it.

Are we clear brother abdulrasaqtoheeb11 ?

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Reading what can lead to masturbation is not allowed

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