A brother had asked me this question because a friend of his, who is seeking to learn more about Islam, is a social drinker and wants to learn about the Islamic view regarding the consumption of alcohol. As anyone can understand, my knowledge is limited so I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me. Jazakallah.

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Thank you, but it will be difficult to convince a non-believer which this kind of support. I was hoping for a more direct source from a Hadeeth or verse from the Quran. But thank you, I will personally remember that.

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My knowledge about it also is limited but i heard it from a scholar that if a person consume alcohol and do good deed for 500/5000 years there is no reward for such person.but if he repent and seriously seek for ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA FORGIVENESS HE WILL INSHA ALLAH BE FORGIVEN.ALSO WHATEVER ROSULLAH SAL ALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM ask us to keep away from we must keep away from it.MASALLAM

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