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i have different views on dis and need an orgent answer please

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The following is the Sunnat method of performing Ghusl:

Make Niyyah (Intention) for Ghusl

1) Wash both hands to the wrists.

2) The private parts and the surrounding areas must be washed, whether there is impurity or not.

3) Wash the part of the body where there may be some impurity.

4) Make a FULL WUDHU.

5) After Wudhu, pour water over the head THREE times.

6) Then, pour water over the right shoulder THREE times.

7) Then, pour water over the left shoulder THREE times. The water should be poured in such a way that the ENTIRE body is thoroughly drenched.

It is also reported in the sunnah that the washing of the feet should be delayed until the end of the ghusl.

The Faraa'ids (Compulsory Acts) of Ghusl:

There are three compulsory acts of ghusl which must be done to make a valid ghusl: (a)to rinse the mouth in such a manner that water reaches the entire mouth; (b) to rinse the nostrils up to the ending of the fleshy part; and (c) to completely wet the whole body.


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