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I have met my husband overseas through relativs my parents where not Happy with the marriage so they cut all ties with me my dad deined i was his daughter Because of my marraige i support my husband financily because his a student and sponsering him to come to where i live the past couple of weeks me and my husband have been having problems Over little things and he treatens to divorce me he knows how much i love him and what I have been through to be with him he tells me he loves me all the time and when he gets angrey over little things he says he wants A divorce i dont know what to do he hasnt spoken to me for a week now.

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Assalmu 'Alaykum , sister i am hurt to hear such a thing. The marriage that u have done was not accepted by your parents, but it was not wise for them to abandon you.are your parents muslim?if they are, then asking forgiveness from them might help you to regain relationship with them. And for your husband,is he a muslim?if he is not a muslim , then i suggest that you explain to him about islam and quran , and tell him that we were created by Allah , we should follow his shown path.the quran is an evidence that islam is the only true religion.and if your husband is a muslim already, try to strengthen his iiman by telling him about akhirah and Allah .inform him about the punishment that one would receive if one disobeys ALLAH and also tell him about the reward that Allah gives to those who follow his commands .sister, you see,that iiman is the key to solve these kind of problems .if we can kindle the fire of iiman in one's heart , problems will be solved. Here's some hadith from our beloved prophet (blessings from Allah be upon him)-Rasulullah(sawllallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said-"you should look after your wives carefully.BEWARE! Just as you have rights in them, they have rights in you to. The rights that your wives has in you that you should behave nicely with them,take care of them."(ibn mazah & Tirmidhi). In a narration , it ir said "KHAIRUKUM ALTAWFUKUM BIAHLIHI"(the best among you is the one who behaves the best with his family members). (any mistake i have done happened because i am imperfect.may the most perfect Allah forgive us and show us the right path.Ameen.)

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