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Does anyone have any idea how muslims treat kafirs? I mean should we respect kafirs or should we hate them? Or would the most muslim way be to just be normal like all others but not getting good friends with them.. I would really like if you have some hadiths and surrahs about this...Thank you

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I am not a Muslim, I am Christian. I started learning about Islam recently after becoming friends with a few Muslims from Asia. Their behavior and true love for Allah is what brought me to study Islam. Let me just say a few things. First, please do not let the behavior of the Americans be a guideline for how non-believers treat Muslims. I am American and most Americans do not agree with the actions of the American government. However America is not a theocracy so many Americans are taught to honor their country more than God so they stand behind the decisions of the government even when they do not agree. This is unfortunate but true. Most Americans do not treat Muslims badly. Most Americans respect each others beliefs. Second, again I am new to Islam, but I believe the Qur'an says "Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes - from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly." 60:8 Third, I have said that, with over 2 billion people claiming to be Christian, Christianity is the largest religion in the world BUT with about 1.5 billion Muslims, Islam is the largest FAITH in the world. So many Christians call themselves Christians because they believe in Jesus Christ. They do not live a life for God. We have so much to learn from Muslims in that respect. By watching you, whether I choose to convert to Islam or not, I will know God better and put him first in my life, which will make me a better person. Your behavior is setting an example for the non-believers. You do not have to befriend non-believers, but by showing them respect even when they show you none you prove that God's people are above the non-believers.

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Salam MashAllah, Inshallah May Allah help you in your next step,and no Muslim is a Muslim if he does not believe in Jesus Christ A.S (Alyhi-As-Salam)

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Salam, please we do not have to treat the kafirs badly because they treat us badly. respect and kindness to them to them is a very good way of inviting them to islam. the reward of a muslim is more in the hereafter than in this world, so please we just have to endure this life and know that it will soon come to an end. If someone is killed because he is a muslim, he has died as a matyr. why don't we look at it in this direction, the kafirs are doing a favour to any muslim that they killed because of his faith. our generation will not be the first set of muslims that are suffering. May Allah SWT put an end to the war on muslims around the world

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not all christians are planning against us an enemy is an enemy its not determined by what religion they are i agree anwarx you have to be friends with your spouse and also the prophet was friends with the najashi before he turned muslim because he helped the muslims even before he converted and the prophet used to make agreements even with the non-muslims to protect one another so the town wouldent ty to kill any muslims and lastly the prophets uncle was a kaffir and he loved him dearly even though you cannot ask forginess from allah for them you can interact and be friends with them as in make agreements with them and talk to them but when it comes to a point where they are trying to hurt the religion or state they hate muslims and try to stop the religion from spreading this is when they become enemies

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Brother/Sister caabi:

I will not get into why Muslim women cannot marry Christian or Jewish men here, because it will take us off on a long tangent. It should suffice though for me to say that the reason for this prohibition is not because we are supposed to hate Christians/Jews. If the reason Muslim women cannot marry Christian/Jewish men is due to the necessity of us hating them, then the same logic should apply to a Muslim man and he should not be allowed to marry a Christian/Jewish woman. So the reason that Muslim women cannot marry Christian or Jewish men is some other reason, not because we are supposed to hate Christians/Jews.

My point was not really addressed. How can Allah say: "You can marry a Christian woman, you can kiss her, you can laugh with her, you can share the marriage bed with her, you can share the bathtub with her, you can have children with her, you should show love and affection to her... BUT you cannot be friends with her!" Would this make sense? No.

To address your points, in short-- I am not denying any of the Qur'anic verses that refer to enmity between the believers and the kuffar. But we should keep the context in mind. The context of these passages are kuffar who received direct da'wah from the greatest creation of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Firstly, these non-believers rejected Islam even after it was presented in the most perfect and crystal-clear fashion to them by the Prophet of Islam. Secondly, not only did they reject the Guidance, but they were belligerent towards the Muslims and they tried to physically exterminate them. We cannot be friends with such kuffar.

The context of the average man on a train in Chicago, however, is quite different. He is not physically attacking Muslims nor does he necessarily support others who do. Secondly, he has probably not even been given da'wah, let alone the perfect and most beautiful da'wah that the Prophet offered.

It would be arrogant of me to assume a non-Muslim should become a Muslim after I have given him 2 minutes of da'wah or typed out two paragraphs for him on the Internet. That does not compare in any way with the perfect and crystal-clear da'wah that the Prophet was able to offer to the kuffar of his time.

So rather than hate, we should feel sympathy and concern for those non-Muslims who are not aggressive and belligerent towards us, and we should try to give them the best da'wah that we possibly can.

This is my understanding and view, brother/sister. I have found that the majority of ulema that I follow and listen to express similar views; I have not heard any of them advocating that we should hate (peaceful) non-Muslims. W'Allahu a'lim.

Jazaak-Allah for your warm message; may Allah bless you likewise.

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Salam, I understand where your coming from and I understand your advice and may Allah reward you Isha'Allah..and also I just want to say too that the reason why we are allow to marry jew or christian woman and their men are not allow to marry a Muslim woman is to show that Islam is dominant over all other religions meaning Allah Has giving us upper hand and gave us authority over their woman while they are not allow to come near our woman...

Jazzakallahu kheyr and may Allah bless you too.

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As I said earlier in other columns, most of those involved here are obviously from homogeneous societies or societies with a large majority of one religion. But for many others, they come from mutli-racial societies of many different religious beliefs. I come from such a society where a family has brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles embracing different religions. Will you who are fond of quoting verses of the Quran and Hadiths (most out of proper contacts)still maintain your opinions if you were in my shoes? If you make enemies or just being hostile in your behavior and reactions to even your own blood (so to speak), how do you think you can ever spread the Words of Allah? Who would listen to you who hate them? Even your relatives would "abandon" you, let alone others as a result of your "unfriendly" approaches based not on your religious teachings but your misunderstanding of them..............

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accually the majority of us are from the west but we are a first or second generation and i also belive most of us are young as in younger thn 30

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Asalaam aleykum,

even though few answers Yet i have to ask

How do Kafir treat Muslims then?

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To Abjad,

Well said, what a wonderful question, let them answer this question knowing the millions that have died in Iraq alone by the invasion, let them answer the torture in the well known prisons specially the prison that still open, let them answer the burning of the Qur'an in the USA and now Afghanistan, let them answer the child that was raped by the American soldiers and left her for dead after killing all her family in Iraq, let them answer how they now want to invade Iran, let them answer and answer to all these wars and invasion done by the Kufars in Muslim lands, let us hear your answer to the wonderful question that is asked,

How do Kafir treat Muslims then?

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