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can we marry someone of our own choice??and if we want to know something about the person we want to marry can we go to a date with that person?

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Addressing ones parents about the interest in marriage . Discussing with the parents means of character interests capabilities ect. Then a visit with him or her (with families consent) in the presence of family members on both sides to allow him and her to speak to each other. There is not dating in Islam . You can marry someone of your choice as long as you follow what Allah subhana WA taala had made lawful to you. Honoring your parents in the decision also is important. My knowledge is small forgive me for anything I may have said that could be in correct. Allah subhana WA taala knows best.

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No, dating is not allowed in Islam. What sadie has advised to you, follow it.

And how do you know that after a single date you will totally know that person? Of course he/she will try to show only the good side of themselves on date. However, dating is not allowed.

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