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she is a lecturer in a university and got a scholarship for masters she were doing job before marriage but not before engagement so we informed after engagement that she got this job.they informed us guys earns 30 thousands plus from two jobs and came at 11pm night but after 1 month of marriage he said he earned just 25 thousand ans gave all to this mother so have only 4 thousand to survive and demanded her to leave her job and studies as he does not like her to go out.keeping in mind his sister is going out for masters and my sister does hijab also and very sober by nature and get up wise.her mother in law also teasing her in some he said your parents deceived me as they didn't inform all before engagement.she just said if i do job then they can survive happily plus she could not face in laws bitterness till without husband also because of job or studies she has something to do after finishing her home task.otherwise she will leave everything and he would tell her what she will do in his absence as her mother in law does not allow her to live in her room even.he started mental torture repeatedly that if you want your job r studies or want to go home more than one time in a month then go to your parents home mother went her to discuss all these but he listen not a single word and started shouting over them so they brought her daughter to their home.he said to our mother that she did vulger sms to me then said to my sister no i told all these lies he convey his massage through his best friend that we will not sort out things just take your stuff body talked to his friend so he sent sms to us.keeping in mind he discuss everything to his best friend even his wife's matters.he said to our relative that my wife is so nice,obedient and kind heart but she discuss all these matters to my best friend but actually he is lying .what should we do shall we take separation or force them to sit to discuss ,which seems useless as they would not compromise for a single thing or may behave more harsh to her and also blame such things wrongly.he is not flexible nature wise as through his final decision to her like a torture.she is crying so much as she does not want to break her home but dependent on his decisions as well.he is not more strong in salary. education and financial background and status then his wife but she never considers such things before and after marriage.3 months of marriage no pregnancy.

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plz answer me soon we have to take some decision

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thanks for this case, which is very complicated but as we know in Islam very thing has are solution, In Islam a woman has right to have her own wreath,but she is not responsible to use her wreath to take care in husband house unless on her own will but not force her because she have are paying Job then husband.other thing in Islam it is forbidden o hit a wife, there are other way's to solve the issues between husband and wife.

woman's to go to school is legal and 100% advised.

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