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what are the duties of a son towards his parents after their death? How can he benifit them?

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If they missed any days of fasting you should make it up for them or if they have any debt pay it off and remember that anything good they have ever taught you for example to pray will still benifit them so do those good deeds as often as you can a lot of people also like to make donations in their name a donation for a new mosque would be good so everytime somone prays in it they will also be rewarded.

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make them happy.. get a job or something they wished that you would become in the future.. a doctor or something..

You know any good thing you do they will also be rewarded for it fortunately cause they raised you... But if you do bad things it will be counted as their problems cause they had the responsebility to make you a good muslim and they did not do their duty good enough.. Love your parents is a very big sawab and respect them.. Do what they tell you but you can also disagree with them in some points and then discuss it with them instead of turning your back and ignoring them. also put in mind who raised you who gave you food, who had you for 9 months, who felt that terrible pain to get you into the world.. always remember that when you get angry at the parents.. they only want the best for the children

And btw if your parents ever had some bills to pay and perhaps lets make a scenario and say they didnt pay it.. pay it for them, it will be a help..

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