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We would like some advice about an incident that took place about 5 years ago. My wife and I both (newly married then) went to this well known and famous dargah sharif (mazar) in India while both of us were in a state of junub. We did not have the time to do ghusl because other family members were ready and hurrying us to get out of the house. So both of us went to this dargah sharif without doing ghusl, and to this day both of us are regretting the incident (in the sense that we did something that was very wrong, and also we are not doing well financially and with jobs). A couple of weeks after that day we came to the UK and have not been to India since. What we want to know is how to repent for this sin and ask Allah for forgiveness. We pray as often as we can and ask Allah for forgiveness, but do not feel that is enough (is it?) Please advise us, what we should do (how to ask for forgiveness) and let us know if there is anything about this in the hadiths.

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IN THE NAME OF GOD ! SALAM don't is no sin . you can see

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Assalumalukum allah is the all knowing and all aware most merciful most frogiving. If u have ask allah scincerly from ur deepest heart to forgive u then inshallah leave the rest to allah because allah is most forgiving but do extra act of worship for the sake of allah to grasp allahs love wallakumassalum

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