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Suppose If I have 5 lac rupees and I want to give it to someone (My Friend) as a investment and in return he will give me Rs.5000/per month (Profit on investment).So, I want to know in the light of Islam weather is it Halaal or Haram?It will be consider as Profit on investment or it will be interest?Please reply me soon. It should be clear that he have no need money.And he will invest it in his business. Thanks!

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Its Interest, which is not allowed in Islam and it will be Haram. Because you have set a fixed Profit of Rs.5000 per month, whether your friend's business make profit or not. If you call it an investment then you can face loss as well and not only profit. If its an investment you should have a share in loss as well. Otherwise its same as the BANK give you a fixed interest on your deposited money.

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If you only share the profit then its haraam. You have to be liable for profit as well as loss, for it to be halaal.

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And one thing more to make it halal for you beside sharing in loss, is that the business should also be Halal. You can not invest in a haram business whether you share loss or not.

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