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Assalamul Ala'kum.

I feel so distressed, depressed, lazy, unhappy because im not able to concentrate on my study. And i pray to Allah to make me top my department this section and till i finish my study in the college, and did you think this is possible with out me reading and going through my assignment. Pls my muslim brother and sister put me in your prayer so that i can top my class. And my exam is stating next week and i have not read any thing, i feel unhappy with this situation i found myself, pls put me in your prayer and what is the way out. I really went to top my class. How can i catch up and concentrate in my study? Pls pray for the muslims umma having problems.

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Wa alaikumsalam va rahamatullahi va barkatuhu..dear brother..we should not always leave everything on Allah(S.W.T) to do for us..He "will" reward only when we work hard. Besides sitting idle without doing anything is one of the greatest sins before him. I am also a student like you..even have my exams next week..We must do as best as we can.Then Allah(S.W.T) will do his. And do you know last time I prayed to Allah with all my heart and received his blessings.I could even top my dept..So brother don't waste your time.Every minute in this world is precious.Study well,practice Namaz regularly and pray to Allah(S.W.T).He will definitely be with you.Allah knows best.

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assalumulakum dear brother its goin to be hard but believe in your self and stand up and be who u can truly be. study have a faith and whats stoppping from getting the top mark. We have to be wiser than this and actually analyse our prroblem. Brother i belive that every singly muslim can achieve wehatever they want because they have the help of allah so tell your problems to allah and have faith. EVERY SINGLY MUSLIM IS STRONG INCLUDING U SO BE STRONG AND HAVE FAITH, FAITH MEANING SUPPLICATE TO ALLAH WITH FULL SUBMISSION and ask him to guide and for u to get the top mark. Read the beautiful quran allah swt made the quran as a guide and a way to smooth our hearts from strees its there for us but so many are ignorant and do not use it its there is u are seeking help read it. Read for 10 min and 15 min. im not sayin read for 10 hours but make it a routine and inshallah u will see urself turn into the most bright student u could everimagin inshallah. WALLAKUMASSALUM

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Salaam, the only way out is being closer to Allah by performing salaat and reading qur'an. Find a time for urself to recite qur'an everyday. Wabillah tawfiq.

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Loneliness, Restlessness, Confusion, Desperateness, Depression and many other heart problems only come when you forget that Allah iswith you... ♥ So Keep Faith and Trust Allah Everything will be sorted IN SHA ALLAH!!! :)

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Allah SWT afflicts trials on those He loves

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Walikum Assalam,

Brother, How can you think to be on top of the department without studying? Allah (S.W.T) is not unjust, and it will not be justice to those who did hard work in studies. However, it is possible that Allah (S.W.T) will help you somehow.

Do you know brother, the Prophets (May Allah Peace Be Upon Them All) also did hard work to earn living in this world. They never sit in their homes only praying to Allah (S.W.T) to provide them food. They pray and they worked hard for the cause.

And this is what Allah (S.W.T) says in the Holy Qur'an regarding Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W),

Verily, there is for you by day prolonged occupation with ordinary duties, [Holy Qur'an 73:7]

Start studying from today brother, may Allah (S.W.T) help you in your studies and INSHALLAH you will clear your exmas with flying colors :-). Ameen

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