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Assalamu-alikum, According to quran and ahadith, is it permissible in islam for a virgin girl to marry a divorcee? Please provide your answer with quranic/ahadith references.

Also, is it islamically permissible for the virgin girl to ask his ex or other references on his character?


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Walikum Assalam,

Bismillah Hir Rahman nir Raheem.

Yes, it is permissible for a virgin girl to marry a divorced man. A man can have 4 wives in Islam, so what make you think that a divorced man can not marry a virgin?.

In my opinion, asking his exes will make you confuse and may be his exes will misguide you. It's not worth asking his exes, because if you want to marry him then you should have firm trust on him.


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Indeed it is. Since my father was a divorced man, and married to a my mother who was a virgin. And Alhamdulillah, they bother are religious.

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As all said it is allowed in islam to marry divorced man if girl is virgin she can marry divorced men

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