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assalumulakum i love my younger sister alot and everythime i lectire her to pray it ends as an argument i really want her to pray so she can be saved on judgenment day plese brothers and sisters how should i tell her to pray withour opressing her or without her to get angry hellllllp now im trying to make nice ways to tell her but it dosnt work because the fist times i told her i didnt say it nicly now when i tell her even nicly or in any other way or to not to say it direcly she dosnt take it in becasue i already worriend it the first chance, help i really want her to pray so she gets use to it and her love for allah grows can u plz help me/???? thankyou

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Walaikum Assalam.. Look brother, Namaz is a direct relation with Allah, one who does not offer it, his or her love for Allah grow gradually after he or she starts praying continously. Here the mistake it that you were not sympathetic in the first go. Now i think saying her something wont bring results soon. In fact you have to practice islam in front of her without saying her anything at first, like for some days read quran nd offer namaz bt dont force this on her and pray to Allah. Then after somedays you should ask her in a polite manner which pleases her. Regards. Hope it helps. May Allah bless u. Fi Iman Illah..

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thank you dear brother i will try this but can i plz ask u somethin how should i say it after i practice it in front of her. Im so scared i will worrien it again ?????

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Dear brother, dont be hopeless as it is a sin (they say).

Just start practicing all this infront of her and pray from Allah, He will definitely help you because your purpose is pious and your intention is crystal and nice.

If you start practicing all this infront of her and pray from Allah, quite possible that then you wont need to ask her after a few months for praying and all that, InshahAllah she will automatically come towards Islam.

Fi Aman Illah..

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Asalamu alaykum, in addition to the advices that have been offered to you. I will also advice you to pray to Allah(SWT) to direct her heart towards the path of the rightly guided ones because without Allah's help, talking to her alone won't make it come true. I pray that Allah(SWT) in His infinite mercy help both you and your sister. May our acts of ibadah be rewarded by Him on the day of Qiyaomat! Ameen.

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thankyou i will ask allah swt help wallakumassalum

(Jan 25 '13 at 01:29) miliser saloo miliser%20saloo's gravatar image

Dont try to be his father be his brother Ask your father or mother to reinforce her and pray Allah to guide her to the right path.. if u didnt have mother or father then please dont say much to her, pray Allah to guide her to the right path. some times objective achieved by the actions not by the words. by seeing u pray hope she start pray .

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