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salam,I know a girl who's past was not very Good but now mashallah she is practising. Now if i want to marry this girl should i not worry about the past although this past is giving me headeache!knowing the fact that she is practising should i forget everything?I am really in a fix what to do!plz help me

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we alaikom el slam , you are not allah to rule on her

mousa (peace on him) when a bad women whent to let him ask from allah to forgivness on her

he refused and forced her out from his place

allah told him that he is not god to accept or refuse her asking

maybe you would change your thinking that she could be a reason for you in heaven if you make her near to allah

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thank you.

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Walaikum Assalam.. Dear brother, the best book for all times is Quran. You must know tht even when the hadith were compiled after Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) it was made sure everytime tht the hadith which is going to be compiled must not be in contradiction with the Quran. Therefore anything tht goes in slightest contradiction with Quran, has on authenticity. I would say tht we live in the World where there are a lot of sects and almost every second person writes a religious book in accordance with his own sect, so it would be better for you to just read and understand Quran because does not talk abt any sect, it's a neutral book (in regard to sects as it does not support any sect).

Hope this helps. Regards.

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Walaikum Assalam. Brother, she is practicing. Believe in your own willpower to forget the past. I had a lot of examples in my mind when I read that you said she had a not good past......But really, she's practicing.

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thanks brother, do you know what Quran says in terms of forgetting the past?or any hadith related to this ?

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assalamulakum dear brother you know dear brother i understand why u r woried but everyone makes mistake its part of our human nature but to tell if he or she is a a true muslim a rightous muslim is what they do after they done the wrong if after they turn to allah and ask for his frogiveness if her life is decitaed to islam and she truly regrets what she done then we should learn to forgive our dear sisters and brothers in islam there mistakes. someone whos heart is to allah will be the best to marry so take cautious and ask allah swt to help u make the right choice and be patient and seek avice from the glorious quran WALLAKUMASSALUM

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thank you.

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Assalamu Alaikum Brother,

      You know her past,but you tell she is practising now. First be sure in your words. if you found you are right,then be sure on you.(I mean if any one do any mistakes what ever it may be,after that if they turned to allah for forgiveness with the mind of not repeating the same mistake again,Insha allah Ar rahman may forgive them,In my point of view if any woman do Zinaa after that she turned to allah and really felt for her mistake allah may turned the woman to virgin insha allah).But be sure on means you confirm that you practice good life with her after your marriage.dont doubt her in any situation.Beaware of that if you not sure on you drop the plan.if you believe yourself with allah blessings go on. allah may bless you with peace full life.Verily he is the all-hearer,the all-knower
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thank you.

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'the past is the past you cant change it so dont worry about it, but what you do NOW could change the future for the better'- aqibA. If you truly love this girl and she has asked for forgivness with all her heart then inshalla there shouldnt be a problem. Hope for the best-aqibA

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Thank you.

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