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Salaam: I have a younger sister got married to another country. When she came home during holiday, she was performing salaat safar. There came an arguement between my two sisters; a younger and the youngest. The youngest sister claimed that one can't pray salat safar at her/his home (where she/he has born). The younger sister claimed that, one can pray salat safar because she/he's no longer stays there, one is like a guest. Who is right?

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Well i ain't no scholar on the subject of religion but logic made out of an effort to understand Islam, i can only opine that duration for safar means Stay at one place for less than 3 days

If your sister lives outta country and is here to stay for more than 3 days then she'll have to say full namaz in my opinion.

May Allah be forgiving for our any intentional and unintentional mistake.

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