Hello, Im a 6th grader learning about trade and my teacher have assigned me to do a presentation about Islamic banking. I don't know the official answer for said question and it'll be really helpful to come up with an answer that may be supported by a Hadith or Quranic verse(s). Thank you so much!

PS my father told me that the client would become a sort of criminal and that he would suffer in the Hereafter, but Im not really sure about that. Thank you!

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The penalty won't be in this world. It will be in the next world. Let's say you borrowed some amount of money from a friend who trusts you that you will pay it back. Let's say you didn't return it, and passed out. In your funeral, the leader will ask all your relatives who came to your funeral if you did not pay your debt/s. And the guy your borrowed money from answers. Either your children should pay, either you will give your friend's sins. It is very bad if you won't pay back your debt.

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unpaid interest? you wouldnt pay any interset.

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