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Assalamoalaykom my brother's and sister's in Islam...I just heard and some of my indians friends told me that in their places...women are responsible for giving/providing the dowry for the men they want to question is, what is he Islamic ruling with regards to tha situation/ far as i should give the dowry and not women...

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Walikum Assalam,

For the Nikkah (Marriage)

In Islam, the Groom gives Mahr (bridal gift) to the bride at the time of the marriage. Whatever amount they fixed.

In India, dowry is a cultural thing. And Dowry is more more practiced in Hindu Marriages of India.

However the practice of giving Dowry (jahez) is not part of Islam. It is strictly prohibited in Islam, for the groom to ask dowry to the bride's family. It is an extra burden onto bride's parents.

Dowry is something the family of Bride gives for the ease of new start of the couple. But if they don't have money, it is an extra burden onto them.

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