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Assalumalkum dear brothers and sisters im very confused on the topic of the dajal. My grandmother said that a time will come when the dajal will come with one eye and play instrument and disguid the nes who have no iman and they will follow the dajal. And ujud and mujood will lick everything i really want to clear this topic from my head plzz help. I realy want to know what is really goin to happen???

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The Emergence of the Beast Among the signs of the Hour will be the emergence of a beast from the earth. It will be very strange inappearance, and extremely huge; one cannot even imagine what it will look like. It will emerge from the earth and shake the dust from its head. It will have with it the ring of Solomon and the rod of Moses. People will be terrified of it and will try to run away, but they will not be able to escape, because such will be the decree of Allaah. It will destroy the nose of every unbeliever with the rod, and write the word "Kaafir" on his forehead; it will adorn the face of every believer and write the word "Mu'min" (true believer) on his forehead, and it will speak to people. I got this answer from irfan on one of the knowledge sharing pages... For now this is all I have to share.

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there will never be a spesific dejal in person.

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Dajjal is truly coming to inflict many believers and non- believers and he will perfom so many miracles to decieve people. 1) he will remain on earth for 40days, and the first day will be equivalent to a year, and the second day will equivalent to a month, and third day will be a week and the each of the last 37days will be 24hrs. 2) he will ride white donkey and the speed of his donkey will be the same as that of aeroplane. 3) He will command rain to fall fro m the sky. You can get the full detail on website below;

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