Asssalumulakum dear brothers and sister My heart cries with pain when i think of the grave and judgement day. But i have a really imporatnt question. What happens in the grave when someone dies. what do they do untill the day of judegemnt and can they talk to allah in the grave, what happens to them???

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they sleep... no they cant talk

answered 01 hizballah's gravatar image

Two angels come to you for questions of your life in this world. Punishments also can start in the graves. You should read more about this topic. Let me look for a good link.

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thakyou i will read the link u will get all the hasant for bestowing nowledge on me assalumulakum

(Jan 27 '13 at 01:46) miliser saloo miliser%20saloo's gravatar image
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