Assalamu alaikum, In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the most Merciful. Problem 1: I m an engineering graduate nd top ranker..after completing my studies I rejected all work offers and chosen to be in home to spend more time on salah,quran reading .three days back i saw one romantic serial and the story is about a normal girl marrying a rich guy..on seeing it i thought to earn lots of money to live luxurious life like that and decided for higher studies to earn more money..I m from middle class family..In real life i m badly want to be like the couple in that serial..I just want a life like that..I don’t know how to achieve that kind of life..I need a fame ,money,rich guy to marry me.. how can i achieve it? I m in dilemma whether to sit in home or else to achieve my dream..pls help me .I m dealing with frustration,pain,agony..I know dunya life is temporary but i need to successful in dunya and akhirah..I want to become a famous personality . Am i going on right track or not?? PS:Its hard for muslim woman like me to achieve great heights in india.becoz i m wearing i won’t get recognize easily in kafir country

Problem 2: I love one actress and want to be a friend of her....I become crazy fan of her .I think if i achieve something in life then she will recognise me nd get a chance to meet her and chat with her...My inner voice said she is following shaitan so don’t think to interact with her...this confusion makes me mad and i m unable to eat,sleep and i m always watching her serials and thinking of her..In real life she is soo nice and in serial too she delivering good can i forget her...????I m asking dua to become famous ..whether my dua will accept or not??becoz my intention to become famous is to see my favourite heroine..pls guide me ..Thanks in advance..

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: ) i advice you to be famous for Allah .. Allah see you so you better try to earn Allahs accept. you made me laugh : )) noone can recognize you in hell , becarefull dear.

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Kindly remove the link of site from your post. No free marketing please

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It is really really difficult to answer the question. I had the same problem. I had a lot of goals in my life, but there were people to whom I was completely attached. Believe in your willpower, acquaintance.

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