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Aslamlaykumr jus wanted to ask a quick question, if a mother doesent agree for her daughter to marry someone she likes and she has no valid reason just that she wants her own way is it gunnah for the daughter to go against her wishes or not? As the daughter just wants marriage and that is a halal thing and also completes half her deen

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its upto the parents, to decide

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@Butterfly: your question's Title should be clear and to the point. Tag should be related to question.

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Wa Alaikum Assalaaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaaatahuuuuu.Sister,love marriage is only acceptable/permissible after the permission of parents.

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Assalam o Aleikum.. It's better to have marriage with the proper permission of both parents because then the relation has the backing of prayers. On the other if her mother does not agree, she may talk to her with convincing points, but she must not argue with her.

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Thanks, but the father has accepted it is just the mother she is being very stubborn and will act like she is having a panic attack/fit when they all say it is ok for her to marry

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Prophet Muhammad PBUH married hazrat khatija because she praposed to him after hearing his qualities. She liked him and so she wanted to marry him. In our era that is referred to love marriage. I can fall in love with someone chosen by parents,and it would be a love marriage. What is the difference between love and arranged ? You're friend introduces you to a nice religious young fellow and you decide to marry him, that could be considered arranged marriage, as it is not much different from your parents forcing you in it. However if you mean arranged marriage is where you're forced into a marriage, I don't think Islam allows that. If you are in love with the guy, and you know you will be an even better Muslim after you marry him, then do salat ul- Istikharia, and you'll get your answer, if not follow your heart. But my own personal opinion, no one is worth you leaving your parents, especially if they brought you up in such a way that you seek guidance in Islam, before you take your action .

PS. I'm no scholar.

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it is much better to convince here in postive way so that she agree on your marriage here is dua for love marriage hope it help you but you should try to convince her along with supplications

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