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what can i do my ex husband does not support his child, and the woman that he is with is a writer telling her life story based on lies and cheating, i work full time my son in college and my 7 year old girl hates to sleep over her fathers house, i cry all day and night my heart feels like its about to be pulled out of my chest,i am beeing told to move on i am to stop feeling sorry fr my self, its not that he was god to me God knows he was not a good husband it was all the years i gave up and the things i gave to him that hurts, when he left me for a non muslim and know he treats her like a queen for she does nothing for him like i did,i just feel like i am burried alive, every ne thinks i will find a god man i cant stand to think i could trust any man mostly a muslim man, Help me please.

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Assalam o Aleikum.. It's a sensitive. I'd recommend you to consult Quran and seek help from Allah, because your issue is not just of divorce or something like tht, it's a complicated one. May Allah help you and Guard you.. Ameen

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do not marry any who does not believe in Allah real.

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he was a muslim he used the excuse that i am shei and he his sinni even though i never say a thing abut it i beleived we are muslim that was most importent

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